Saturday, February 9, 2008

Deep sea gnar

These are some of the crazy sea life found off the coast of New Zealand in the Tasman sea.

The quote below is in regards to the gnarly looking alien fish in the top left corner..
"The female is the size of a tennis ball. It has big savage teeth, little nasty pin eyes . . . and a rod lure off the top of its head with a glowing tip to coax in stupid prey." The male "looks like a black jellybean with fins".

When a male finds a female, he bites into her side, never letting go. "He drinks her blood, in return for giving her sperm," Dr Norman said. The flesh of the two fish eventually fuses "and they remain connected, permanently. It's sexual vampirism, with a bit of dwarfism thrown in. They have found females with up to six males attached."


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