Sunday, January 25, 2009

Forest of illusion 4

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so on that note taking a cue from mon ami Seb @ a visual sound , I decided to list some tunes that i'm stoked on from one of my favorite skate videos growing up.
Hook Ups Asian Goddess.

Now, I got a hold of this skate video through a mail order catalog way back in 1994. I didn't know who any of the skaters were but I was really hyped on it after watching for the first time.

I used to think Geoff Rowley's name was pronounced Gee-off and I remember telling the older skaters about him and how awesome he was. They would just sit there looking at me like I was an absolute retard. Hah...

But I digress, the music to me was pretty rad at the time. Some of it was crazy Japanese bubblegum pop music that Jeremy Klein put in, but other parts featured Frank Black a la Teenager of the Year era. Tom Penny's short but sic part still gets me stoked when I watch it.

Oh yeah, and this crazy ass movie with Jackie Chan becoming part of the street fighter video game was in it too.


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eep! said...

Hey! This is so awesome! I found a encode of this recently but I was disappointed when I realized it was was created with a left and right audio channel and the right side was muted (only music no skateboarding, camera audio). Is there ANY possible way you can put the VHS on DVD or create a file from your genuine version. I'm a huge Hook-Ups fan and this is GOLD! Let me know what you'd like in exchange!