Friday, February 27, 2009

Daiquiri factory

So I was back in FL for a hot second last wkend for what was supposed to be a little shred sled fest in Tallahassee with my homie Joe Locke. But as fate would dish it up, I got some kind of gnarl stomach bug prior to my departure and spent most of my trip in the bathroom. Bummer. Regardless though, it was good to catch up with some good friends and share a few laughs. Here's a few pics from those sunrises and sunsets in the pecker of the nation..

Joe Locke. Stop drop and roll...

Hey ehsay...I dink I don't like your face. So you better peace out holmes

Rachel the rocketscientist

Mongolian beefcake

Alex Foghat. Mach 10 ditch grindage...

Tuna casserole

Bros were schralping..

Oh Dang!!

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