Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dead flowers

So after going thru some old VHS archives at my house yesterday, I decided to do a post about the antithesis of what I put below in regards to the ATM click video. This one here has to be one of the WORST skateboard video soundtracks to ever come of age. And that is the Rhythm video "Genesis".

It came out twelve years ago back in 1997. An early Ty Evans production that closely incorporated his passion for electronic music. By and large the music soundtrack is absolutely dreadful. The only saving grace is maybe a few stereolab songs found in between the riders parts during a few montages. The skating is pretty rad, but I always used to end up watching it with the sound off and that proved to be much better.

Why in the world would you use a Chemical brothers song for such a ground breaking part such as the one below? Bummer.
Regardless, dig this old gem.. Solid Swiss Ripper Chany Jeanguenin. Underrated? Oui. Song selection? Huge buzz kill.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, the music IS WHAT MADE THIS VIDEO AWESOME, wtf are you smoking?