Friday, August 7, 2009

Fast women and slow horses..

Digging thru the archives I found some old scanned pics from the late 90's out in L.A.

My buddy Berdet would go out there to skate and just come back to Florida with random pictures of him and some pros.
Here he's @ lockwood with Mike York, Aaron Meza and the Frostman. I think he said they were filming a line York did in the chocolate tour video that day.

Berdet would just randomly show up at people's cribs. Like when I asked him about his photo with him and Keenan Milton he said that he just heard about where he lived and showed up to say "what's up". Random. Keenan was stoked about it obviously... I mean, check that expression on his mug.

We lost one of the great ones when Keenan left the party. damn. RIP

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