Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The state of skateboarding (en Scotland et France)

Stayed in Edinburgh Scotland and Aberdeen for almost two weeks.

They have a proper shop called focus. Strictly skateboarding. They come correct with a nice shop and good gear.

They moved the shop to what used to be the oldest fish monger store in edinburgh.
In keeping with the roots of the old shop they kept the nautical theme going. Looks nice..

American shred sledder in Scotland.

Rock fakie in Aberdeen whilst warming up. Almost got the pivot to fakie but got booted out before it went down. This spot is @ a heroin rehap clinic. Pretty sketch outside. The tranny is tight. Peeped some local footy of dudes ripping this spot. Smoke em if you got em..

new favorite show in the UK. It's up there with curb your enthusiasm. You tube that shit..

Now I am in southern France. Mes amis cooked me dinner. Paella epicness.

I gobbled it down with the quickness.

Staying now near the beach for a bit. Skated with a rad fellow by the name of Berto in Narbonne. But sadly I left the camera at home that day. Berto holds it down in the small but radical town of Narbonne.. I'll hit you up on my way back up to Marseille Berto!

The state of french fashion. 2009.

Walking home last night from place de republique i stumbled upon a free outdoor 1920s silent film being narrated by some guy on the french accordian.

some actual skate flicks coming soon. there are some rippers here in south france.


the nerve that kills said...

well the krooked board is holding bring back or youtube some home slice vids yo.glad shit is banging for the two of you out there.
flip video dropping in two weeks.hope you catch it out there.i got an copy for premier here.shit is fuckin a go!
cheers from Texas and fuck shit up.

Le Merp said...

shit is dopeness. flip video.. damn

the pillage said...

got the post card the other day straight to the fidge.

anyway skate Marseilles in a speedo or something i dont even know. just keep having a good time dude.