Monday, November 23, 2009

Bogan city.... population: me.

Sorry for the lack of updates, been in southeast Asia for the past month or so. No stuntwood action round those parts. Just cool mud flaps everywhere..

Now i'm living in Perth, Australia.

Stumbled across this spot whilst walking around town here at the beach.

Easily the best ledge spot i've ever skated. Perfect ground, it's partly covered and it's not a bust.

I was straight up killing it of course..

but for real, five-o's for days. ledges like butter

Even learned a new trick, BS 180 nose grind

Been skating with some local rippers, so the motivation is up for shred sled action.

Found a store that my buddy Dmitri would love.

wandered around an abandoned powerhouse on the south part of town.

Riding bikes home along the Indian Ocean. Life is good.

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the pillage said...

i regonize that ledge spot from the lakai vid