Thursday, February 25, 2010

Switch flips and sunburns..

So i've been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past month. Life is pretty good here..

Walked thru the park yesterday next to my house and stumbled upon the Girl team skating the museum. Went and said hello and hung out with them for a couple of hours watching them destroy the place. Nice way to spend the afternoon..

Poached some footy on my little crappy digital camera.

Mike Mo, Sean Malto, Cory Kennedy and Shane O'neil synchronized switch flips with Frost riding in last on the butt board. For cross reference check here
Biebel was putting the moves on a switch fronside 360 heelflip. crazy..

Here's one that got away..

Shane "nugget" O'neill with an attempted switch flip from the upper deck. Gnar buckets.

Carroll and McCrank exchanging pilates tips.

Went and saw a gallery opening for some shots by Mike O'Meally for Where the wild things are.

Got the new free Thrasher/Cons DVD. Andrew Allen skates to a Drunk Injuns song. Dude rips on the ol shred sled.

Photo I snapped of my homie Ben Mclaughlin out in Perth. Nollie back tail steez. Dude is a ripper and a all around nice bloke. Check out his skateboard company 4skateboards.

Been watching a lot of curb your enthusiasm lately. Brilliant.

Beach Bogan. C'est moi..

My roommate tested out his new Nikon on me. Sequence of a tre flipper down at Lincoln sq..


the pillage said...

i gots a buddy and he wants to no

hes gots to know.

'it s bout koston.

he wants to know.

whats he WEARING.

did you watch all that bonus footage on that thrasher video yet? gnarly.

that whole fucking soundtrack is great.
Ethan Fowler skatings to that song sleep dragnaut song from fucking GUMMO. sick

check your mail ya cunt!

hyrum lincoln said...

What's He Wearing? (chuckles galore)

WHOA!! life is good for you mayn.. happy to see dat ugly mug in the sun. so are you settled for the duration? or just on vacation? either way keep up the good work my friend..

chris carrasquillo said...

i just want to drop everything and go there!